On The Road To Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Going green
Going green


We have just taken delivery of our new Nitrocube and the team from MSS Group are busy installing this innovative system for us here at Benchdogs HQ.


The true cost of traditional gas supply*

  • 800 tonnes of metal to be transported by road
  • 2500 delivery truck miles travelled
  • 100 hrs of order administration
  • 100 hrs receiving, checking & moving cylinders
  • 3.5 tonnes of CO2 emitted delivering gas
  • 4500 compressed gas cylinders
  • 10% returned unused.

Nitrocube is a LOW CARBON and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY alternative


The benefits for installing the Nitrocube system are:

Low cost + environmentally friendly

NitroCube offers a real low cost and low carbon alternative to traditional nitrogen supplies delivered by truck.

24 Hour operation

24/7 continuous operation with no machine downtime, no gas waste or running out of gas unexpectedly.

No oxide edge

Enable high power lasers to cut carbon steels faster and cheaper than oxygen, with NO oxidation. Increasing our competitive edge.



This will be a huge step in the right direction for Benchdogs and we will be doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint further.



*Based on approximately 10m3/hour for 4000 hours/year using cylinders or manifolded cylinder packs.


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