Questions about UK VAT on our store.

Questions about UK VAT on our store.

The most asked questions from our customer is regarding VAT so we have created this page to answer all your questions.

Q. Are prices on Benchdog Tools inclusive or excluding of VAT?
A. VAT on our website is included in our prices at 20%.

Q. If i am ordering from outside the UK do I pay VAT?
A. If your delivery address is outside the UK, we do not charge you VAT. The VAT is automatically deducted at checkout.  You will not see any VAT/Taxes on your invoice.

Q. Where can I download my Invoice so I can check?
A. On your order confirmation which is emailed to you when you place your order there is a red notice saying "Download my Invoice" 

Q. Im from outside the UK and its not deducting the VAT, Why?
A. I can sure you this is but you have to account for Exchange Rate Calculations.



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