Benchdogs Copyright Notice

We are dedicated to providing high-quality woodworking accessories and tools. Our copyright protects the intellectual property associated with our products and brand.

Please read the following information regarding our copyrighted products:

Copyrighted Products:

1. Ultra Rail Square® / Ultra Rail Squares®

The Ultra Rail Square® is a precision-engineered tool designed to assist woodworkers in achieving accurate measurements and cuts. Its innovative design enhances efficiency and accuracy in various woodworking projects.

2. Fence Dogs®

Fence Dogs® is a first of its kind with repeatability to remove and place anywhere within the 96mm centre holes on your MFT top. are woodworking accessories designed to secure into MFT worktops and attach to our Fence System allowing repeatable cuts without losing valuable space behind the Fence.

3. Quad Dogs®

Quad Dogs® are accessories that are engineered to lock into MFT Tops. Their innovative design allows for versatile positioning and secure holding of workpieces during various woodworking operations.

4. MFT Plugs® / MFT Plug®

MFT Plugs® are proprietary accessories designed to enhance the functionality of  MFT workbenches. They provide an efficient solution for filling bench dog holes, maintaining a smooth work surface when bench dogs are not in use.

Copyright Protection:

All Benchdogs products listed above are protected by copyright laws. This protection extends to the design, functionality, and branding associated with each product. Unauthorised reproduction, distribution, or sale of these products or any imitation thereof is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

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