NEW Fibre Laser Technology Coming Soon To Benchdogs

NEW Fibre Laser Technology Coming Soon To Benchdogs
Senfeng SF1313G Fibre Laser
In April 2021 we will be taking delivery of a new Senfeng SF1313G Fibre laser cutting machine.
Laser technology with the ability to cut up to 10mm stainless steel and aluminium for a new range of precision tools. All backed with a printed precision guarantee report with every new product. 
The 1313G is a full protection small laser metal cutting machine equipped with fibre laser device with a power of between 1kw to 3kw.
Fibre laser is the newest type of precision cutting technology that has advantages such as precision, high photoelectric efficiency, reliable and maintenance free.
With a working area of 1.3m x 1.3m we will be able to produce many precise products. We are full of ideas for this machine already.
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