Delivery of second lathe to Benchdogs

Delivery of second lathe to Benchdogs

Introducing to our business another new addition to Benchdog.

To help maintain the manufacture of our products to the highest accuracy, we have invested in yet another XYZ CT65 to keep up with orders and to ensure wait time is at a minimum. We have chosen to purchase the Lathe from XYZ Machine Tools due to their reliability, amazing support as well as the machine having accuracy within 5 microns.  The 2nd CT65 is the machine that will now be in the driving seat, allowing us to drive our business forward with more speed and allow us to work on releasing the new products that we are excited to show you.

We wish to thank all of our customers for the support you have given us with this venture and we will strive to ensure accuracy and affordability is maintained throughout our product range. 

The new machine will be installed on the 13th of February 2020.


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