Benchdog Tools Precision MFT 3 Top - Black Valchromat


Our MFT (Multifunction Top) is not only precision-made and versatile but also thoughtfully engineered to enhance its usability and functionality in woodworking. Manufactured using a state-of-the-art CNC machine with advanced tool...

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Our MFT (Multifunction Top) is not only precision-made and versatile but also thoughtfully engineered to enhance its usability and functionality in woodworking. Manufactured using a state-of-the-art CNC machine with advanced tool change technologies, each top is crafted from 19mm Black Valchromat MDF, a durable medium-density fibreboard. This choice of material ensures long-lasting stability and resistance to warping, which is crucial for maintaining precision in a woodworking environment.

A key detail in the design of our MFT Tops is the chamfering of all holes. These holes are specifically machined to be 20.08mm in diameter, making them perfectly compatible with the Benchdogs Tools Range of accessories. This compatibility allows for the seamless use of our MFT Plugs, facilitating a secure and precise fit. The integration of these plugs, along with the Benchdogs accessories, enhances the functionality of the top, enabling woodworkers to securely attach and align additional tools and jigs, thus expanding the range of possible applications.

Key features of our MFT Tops include:

1. Precision-Cut Holes: Each 20mm hole is precision-cut and chamfered to accommodate our MFT Plugs and Benchdogs Tools Range accessories, ensuring tools and accessories fit securely without any play.

2. Quad Hinge and Fence Systems: Including machine holes for our Quad hinge system and offset holes for the Fence system maximises the working area and allows for versatile setups and adjustments.

3. Durability and Stability: 19mm Medite MR MDF ensures that each top is robust, moisture-resistant, and maintains its form under varying workshop conditions.

The benefits of our MFT Tops for woodworking are numerous:

 Enhanced Accuracy: Each top is meticulously checked for accuracy, and the precise fit provided by the chamfered 20mm holes ensures that measurements and cuts are consistently reliable.

 Increased Versatility: The ability to use MFT Plugs and Benchdogs Tools accessories with the chamfered holes allows for quick changes and setups, making the top adaptable to a wide range of tasks.

 Optimised Workspace: Strategic placement of systems and features maximises usable space, improving workflow and efficiency.

These features make our MFT Tops an indispensable tool for woodworkers who want to elevate the precision, functionality, and efficiency of their workspaces.

The size for the MFT Top is

  • 1102 x 718 x 19mm
  • The max cutting area between the Quad Hinge Plates and the fence is 600mm

If adding a finish to your top, please read the datasheet here, Valchromat Technical Data Sheet - Click Here

If you are sealing or Varnishing the top, please be aware that this may cause holes inaccuracies due to the coating's thickness. To overcome this, a BD reamer would resolve the hole size issue. This can be found here -

3D Printed Alignment Block Click Here

Delivery Important Information:

The shipment of these tops incurs substantial costs due to their considerable weight. We take every precaution to ensure that the MFT boards are securely packaged, with protective materials surrounding the board, to minimise the risk of corner damage. We are committed to delivering your order in pristine condition. However, in the rare event that the package is mishandled by the delivery service, resulting in corner damage, please be assured that such damage does not compromise the integrity of the board itself. Unfortunately, we cannot offer replacements or refunds for this specific type of damage. If you have concerns about this potential issue, please consider whether this product meets your requirements before purchasing.


Customer Reviews

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Emballage parfait, tout est pensé pour que la livraison se fasse dans les meilleurs conditions, et il est arrivé dans le sud de la France sans aucun accroc. Plateau MFT3 de qualité supérieure à celui d'origine. Il s'adapte parfaitement à la table MFT3 et le remplacement se fait en 5mn. Plus de perçages que celui d'origine ce qui vous permet d'avoir une largeur de coupe supérieure. Tous les trous sont chanfreinés. Pour le fun, cette couleur noire donne un vrai coup de jeune à votre table... J'adore. Si vous devez changer votre plateau MFT3, n'hésitez pas, foncez pour celui-ci...
Merci à Benchdog Tools pour ce produit

Donald Shopland
New MFT top

The Valchromat top arrived well packed and undamaged. I had problems with using the Benchdog fittings as the holes were marginally undersized. Spoke to Ralph who arranged for Ian to call with a new unit on Saturday afternoon!. The new top was perfect - what excellent service. The additional fixing holes make the new top very much more practical. Quality and design excellent. Thoroughly recommended.

Colin Denham
MFT3 top

Extremely well made and finished off with all edges chamfered to protect the surface.
Yet to see how the Hinge system fits
Excellent piece of kit!!!