Our Machines - Titch

Meet Titch

Titch is responsible for making the Cams for our Rail Squares and finishes off odd jobs started by other machines.

Our Machines - Phillip

Meet Phillip

Phillip is responsible for bending the components for our MFT Hinge System and T-Square Wall Mount

Our Machines - Nitro

Meet Nitro

Nitro replaces the need for gas canisters as it generates it’s own nitrogen which is used for our laser cutter, Larry.

Our Machines - Larry

Meet Larry

Larry is responsible for making our MFT Hinge Systems, T-Square blades and Flagstops

Our Machines - Julie

Meet Julie

Julie is responsible for the Z plates for our MFT Hinge System and our MFT Plates

Our Machines - Doris & Mavis

Meet Doris & Mavis

Doris and Mavis are responsible for making all our Rail Squares

Our Machines - Donny & Dougie

Meet Donny & Dougie

Donny and Dougie are responsible for the T-Square handles and Carpenter Square Cheeks

Our Machines - Betty

Meet Betty

Betty is our Rumbler, she is responsible for smoothing all the rough edges on the smaller components like our Flagstops

Our Machines - Bertha

Meet Bertha

Bertha is responsible for our Carpenter Squares and tidies up our T-Square Blades after lasering.

Our Machines - Pez

Meet Pez

Pez is responsible for compacting aluminium swarf into briquettes which are then recycled. Pez also separates the coolant used which allows us to reuse it time and time again.


Meet Dottie & Dittie

Dottie & Dittie are responsible for the T-Square handles and Carpenter Square Cheeks.