DIY MK3 Clasp Kit


Upgrade your MK2 Rail Square with the DIY MK3 Clasp Kit. By using the drill jig and supplied M4x0.7mm Combined Drill & Tap Bit, you can clip on the jig to...

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Upgrade your MK2 Rail Square with the DIY MK3 Clasp Kit. By using the drill jig and supplied M4x0.7mm Combined Drill & Tap Bit, you can clip on the jig to align the holes in the right place. So, there is no need to send your MK2 Rail Square to us. This is great if you are outside the UK or can only be with your square for a prolonged period.

Engineer's Instructions without drill jig Click Here
3D Printed Drill Jig Click Here

This will only be compatible with the following Rail Squares

Festool, Makita MK2 Rail square:

  • Festool
  • Makita
  • Erbauer
  • Milwaukee
  • Triton

The Kit includes the following:

  • 1x Clasp
  • 2x M4x6 Screws
  • 1x Hex Key 3mm
  • 1x M4x0.7mm Combined Drill & Tap Bit
  • 1x 3D Printed Template Jig

Please Note:
- When using the Drill & Tap Bit, make sure to go steady at a moderate speed.
- You will need to screw in the clasp to the front two holes on your Rail Square.


Customer Reviews

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James Ninham

Great kit and use to use to make my clamp work with my rails.

Adam Westwood
Great upgrade to the old cams that came loose easily

This seems like a great, and much needed upgrade to the cams which constantly came loose. Haven't cut with it yet but putting a large accurate square against it shows that the rail square is still a perfect 90° to the rail. The drilling jig is a good idea and the drill/tap bit works well. The screws are very soft however and the small internal hex rounded off with very little pressure applied, so I swapped them out for good quality torx screws. Also the card that comes with it that has a 2 x QR codes to take you to instructions takes you to instructions for the rail square mark III not the clasp instillation. I was unable to find either written or video instruction on how to install it depsite 2 QR codes on the card which are meant to direct you to them. It's expensive for what it is but a much better solution than the cams were so hopefully will be worth it in the long run. Overall happy with the product. Just needs some improvements regarding the screws and instructions.


Really helpful upgrade to an already amazing product. I never have to question the accuracy of my rail square. Easy to install

Richard Pawlowski
Improving the Mk 2 track square

I recently bought and fitted the Mk3 clasp to my Mk2 track square and it is a tangible improvement over the cams. The kit arrived on time and was so easy to use. Within 30mins. I had the clasp fitted and working, a brilliant improvement!

Excellent upgrade

Easy to install. Ease of use and accuracy is incomparable to the MK2, this upgrade makes set up quick and changing location along the rail a breeze. Sometimes using the MK2 I found sometimes unevenly tightening the pins would pull the rail out of square making me hesitant in using the MK2, this is resolved with this upgrade. Recommended upgrade - very pleased