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MFT/3 & Assembly Square enables quick and accurate setup of your Festool MFT table and enhances layout and assembly tasks. Specifically designed for setting perpendicularity between the Festool MFT fence and guide, the added MFT Positioning Dogs ensure alignment of your MFT rail or fence with the dog holes; inline or at 45°.

The backbone of the MFT Layout & Assembly Square is a meticulously machined piece of HDPE. The single piece construction means there are no parts to become misaligned and the slots enable secure clamping of your workpiece and also double as a convenient handle.

In addition to squaring up your MFT table, the versatility of the MFT Layout and Assembly Square makes it a valuable addition throughout your workshop. It is keenly adept at keeping large panels held firmly in place; ensuring perpendicularity during dry fits and glue ups on cabinetry and other large projects.

It excels at setting 45°and 90°angles on your table or mitre saw. If you have an 18" bandsaw, you can square the table to the blade with the square standing upright on its 20mm wide leg, leaving your hands free to adjust and set stops. And wood glue is a breeze to clean off the surface, wet or dry. When not in use, the large clamping slots keep it hanging conveniently nearby on your workshop wall.