Flag stop V4 thumbscrew - M6
Flag stop V4 thumbscrew - M6

Flag stop V4 thumbscrew - M6

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 Our version of the flag stops specially made for the 2040 extrusion.

The flag stop allows easy set up for repeat cuts and can be easily folded out of the way when not in use.

3D Printed with 3mm Aluminium flag stop, supplied with thumb knob and t-nut to fit our extrusion and others.

The 3rd version has a bigger flag which allows the material thickness of 2mm and is also made of metal. This version is also a denser the previous versions, stopping the captive nut spinning and supplied with the new lever to allow no obstruction in the work area. 

You will receive 

1 x M6 Knob with 1 x t nut
1 x 3D Printed Body v4
1 x Flag ( Metal )
1 x M6 Bolt
2 x M6 Washers

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